Snip is a free tetris implementation I originally started while back in school as part of my finals, but by the time it grew into something that I really like and that is perfectly playable. I suggest you just try it and judge for yourself.


System Requirements:

Chances are that snip will also run well on significantly slower machines but since I couldn't test it on weaker ones than listed above, I thought I might as well only tell you what I know for sure...


Nov 11 2004

xavierpayne's new code is in CVS - snip is themeable and can play background music now.

The new features are not documented in detail so far, though.

Oct 27 2004

Though I thought snip was pretty dead by now, it seems some people are still interested in it; we've got more than 1.200 downloads so far (which is more than I ever hoped for). Many thanks to xavierpayne, a new dev who sent me some patches that should be in CVS soon and will continue improving snip in his free time. Since I don't have Windows anymore, this could speed up development somehow.

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